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Makemoji SDK
A monetizable emoji keyboard for mobile apps.
Flashtag TM
Search our entire emoji library instantly using the "!" and typing a word or phrase
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We seamlessly load in new emoji categories (Sports, Pop Culture, etc.). You do not need to update the app to use the new emojis.

Emojis are everywhere. They're used by millions of people every day and are an unparalleled expressive tool. We believe that users should not be limited to the Unicode library and we built this keyboard to increase engagement, retention and revenue for all of the apps we work with.

How It Works

Step 1: Install our keyboard SDK

Step 2: Customize your emoji library. As a partner, you will be given access to our admin dashboard where you can add or remove any emojis from our library. You will always have full control over the emojis that are shown in your app.

Step 3: Add new emojis or Gifs seamlessly to your keyboard. Our SDK works without any type of user updates or downloadable content. The emojis and gifs are added server-side (no app update needed).


The Keyboard

Our emojis work in-line with text and have click-to-share functionality (no copy/paste needed). These are small details, but they're incredibly important to the user experience. We also update the emoji library weekly with new emojis.


A FlashtagTM is our way of letting users type only in emojis. If a user enters a word like this "!soda" it will turn into a soda emoji. This is how users will seamlessly access millions of emojis without having to explore the keyboard.


Real-Time Tracking

This allows you to create actionable features (like sending push notifications or targeted banner ads) and engage users on a more personal level. The more you know about your users, the better relationship you will have with them.

Make it Actionable

We do provide a lot of code snippets and ways to make the data valuable. For example, if you wanted to send a push notification for a Jay-Z concert to your users that like Jay-Z, you would be able to do that. There is a lot of power in engaging interested users on an individual basis. Your click-through-rate will be much higher, and you will not bother users with ads or content they're not interested in.

Makemoji SDK
Your Data Key

Data Management

All emojis are stored on our Amazon S3 servers. It doesn't matter if your app processes 100k daily messages or 10 Billion, our SDK works just as fast. We also have a CDN to guarantee our keyboard works efficiently for international users. We do not collect any type of message data unless it's an emoji search.

Tech Specs

SDK compressed size is 5mb

SDK Our average installation time is 48 hours. Once the implementation is complete you will be given access to our admin dashboard or API endpoints to manage the emojis on your own backend.

API All of the data is accessible via our API. Think of it as a two-way pipeline, you send us the raw data inputs, and we send you the polished information instantly.


Backward Compatibility

Our SDK provides a backwards compatible plain-text message that replaces Makemoji emoji with a Unicode emoji of your choice. This can be used to serve a message from your backend to older versions of your app and can be used to prompt users to download the newest version of your app.

This is our default Hypermoji (clickable emoji), but you can set emoji to anything you want.


Low Connectivity

Our emojis will still work while in airplane mode, low-connectivity areas and everything in between. We wanted to make sure that even if your app is unable to send messages, our keyboard and emojis always show up.

Quick Facts

◦ Our SDK is completely free

◦ We do not send push notifications, you will need to set this up

◦ Emojis and messages are composed of HTML image and paragraph tags

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