Makemoji Keyboard Extension

You can package the Makemoji keyboard in your app so users can select it as a soft keyboard no matter what app they're in. Selecting an emoji here will cause the keyboard to launch a picture share intent to the current app, or copy the image url to the clipboard if there is no matching intent filter in the current app's manifest. Add the third party keyboard to your dependencies.

compile 'com.makemoji:makemoji-3pk-android:0.9.780'

In strings.xml, set the provider authority for the keyboards' content provider based on your unique package name, add the keyboard name as it will appear to the user and the class name of the keyboard's settings activity. Make sure to prompt the user to activate the keyboard after installation using code similar to ActivateActivity , or the keyboard won't show up as an option. If you are publishing multiple apps, each provider authority must be unique or there will be installation problems!

    <!-- strings.xml -->
    <string name="_mm_provider_authority">com.makemoji.keyboard.fileprovider</string>
    <string name="_mm_kb_label">MakeMoji Keyboard (Sample App)</string>
    <string name="_mm_kb_share_message">MakeMoji Keyboard (Sample App)</string> <!-- share button invisible if empty -->
    <string name="_mm_kb_settings_activity">com.makemoji.sbaar.mojilist.ActivateActivity</string>
    <!-- optional customization -->
    <color name="mmKBPageTitleColor">@color/colorPrimary</color>
    <color name="mmKBIconColor">@color/colorPrimary</color>
    <color name="mmKBProgressColor">@color/_mm_default_send_text_color</color>

    <integer name="mm_3pk_rows">5</integer>
    <integer name="mm_3pk_cols">8</integer>
    <integer name="mm_3pk_gif_rows">2</integer>

    <!--Reuse bitmaps used for spans in textview; turn this off when using fewer rows/cols in 3pk -->
    <bool name="mmUseSpanSizeFor3pkImages">false</bool>

If you want the ability to customize some other aspect of the sdk or 3pk, just ask.