Making API Requests

To start using the Makemoji API, you will need to send several HTTP headers with each request you make. There are also two separate base endpoints for making either web origin requests (ex: from a javascript client) or app origin requests.

You can interactively play with API calls by using our Swagger spec page here: Swagger Spec

Base URL & Request Origin

For web origin requests, the base url should be:

For app origin requests:

HTTP Headers

You will need to pass the following required HTTP headers with every request to the API, web or app origin.

Makemoji-Sdkkey: YOURSDKKEY


Here's an example with curl to the app base URL.

curl -X GET --header 'Makemoji-Sdkkey: YOURSDKKEY' --header 'Makemoji-DeviceId: UNIQUEDEVICEID' ''