The Makemoji CMS controls all content that in your in-app keyboard, emoji wall or keyboard extension. You can add/remove categories and emoji.

You can Upload Emoji one at a time or select Batch Upload to upload multiple emoji at once. Channels and Feature Emoji let you customize what emoji show up where.


To add your emoji, you will first need to create a category.

The locked option allows you to prevent a category from being opened without approval (In-App Purchases).

Select your new category to start adding emoji.

From here you can upload one emoji at a time or use our batch import tool.

Emoji should generally be PNGs sized to 256x256px at a dpi of 300. GIFs should be optimized before uploading for minimal file size.


Our channel system lets you setup unique feeds of categories for a identifier you specify. (ex: 'Yankees', 'Red Sox') In your app you will need to set this channel ahead of creating your text input or emoji wall object.

On iOS :

[MakemojiSDK setChannel:@"Red Soz"];


Moji.setChannel("Red Sox");

Feature Emoji

Here's where you can setup special placement for emoji in the nav bar. You can do this globally or by specific channel.