Makemoji reactions allow you to add inline emoji reactions to any view. This is a great component for getting quick user feedback on any type of content. It uses our emoji wall to let the user react with any emoji you have in your library.


You will first want to init the reaction view and give it a frame, typically a height of 30 is the best, but you can use anyting from 25 to 40.

    self.reactionView = [[MEReactionView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, your_width, 30)];

You will then want to provide the reaction view with a contentId, which is a NSString. This string is used by the Makemoji API to determine a unique piece content you want to associate these reactions to.

    self.reactionView.contentId = @"article123";

Setting this contentId will retrieve available reaction data as well as retrieve your default reaction set.

If you want to listen for user reacting to this view, observe the MEReactionNotification key. The notification will include the reaction data that was selected.